Pre-Employment Drug Testing Requirement: What You Need to Know

What Do These Results Mean? Drug Testing Results Explanations | Work  Partners, PLLC

Drug testing is a mandatory part of the application process for some jobs, especially those that are safety-sensitive. Employers avoid hiring those under the influence of drugs because it can impair their performance at work and put others’ safety at risk. It’s important to remember that refusing a drug test does not mean the applicant is refusing the job. SAMHSA guidelines require that the results of all tests be reviewed by a medical review officer.

Occupational Health Providers Perform Pre-Employment Drug Tests

While most urgent care clinics can perform pre-employment drug tests, these doctors often need more expertise to interpret the results or help employers develop policies. On the other hand, occupational health providers specialize in workplace drug testing. They can help employers implement drug-testing policies that protect the health and safety of their employees and the company. For example, occupational health clinicians, even online, can perform pre-employment drug tests. They have pre employment drug testing policy template according to federal regulations and recommendations and offer advice on staffing, facilities, and equipment to help them develop a drug-free workplace.
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How SD-WAN Technologies Can Help Improve Business

SD-WAN - ProfitComm

Consider SD-WAN technologies if you are looking for a way to reduce costs and improve your business. These solutions are available on the cloud and can be used to replace more expensive private WAN technologies. In addition to reducing costs, SD-WAN also improves the performance of applications and helps ensure that service-level agreements are met.

Centralized management

Whether your organization relies on cloud applications for data or a mix of applications, SD-WAN can help you control your IT costs while providing secure, reliable access to critical data. In addition, this new technology lets you centrally manage your WAN and apply policy changes across many locations and applications. As a result, you can improve business productivity by simplifying network management while reducing your overall attack surface. read more

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SEO Help For Your Website

10 SEO Facts Most People Don't Know | Black Flag Creative, Los Angeles

Good SEO is not complicated and you can do it yourself. If you have a website and want more people to visit it, learn how to make your site more attractive to search engines or you can also choose a seo agency, visit the website

Create enticing and informative titles for your website.

Good website titles are essential to good SEO. They help users find your pages on search engines, and they also help you rank higher in search results by including keywords in your title tags. A good title tag will have 65 to 70 characters, should be unique for each page, and should describe the contents of the page well enough that someone could click on it and immediately understand what they’ll get if they click through to view that page. read more

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Learning About Your Ancestors From The U.S. Census

Genealogy Basics Chapter 1: How to Interview Relatives - MyHeritage Blog

We can learn a lot about our ancestors from the U.S. Census Report. For example, did your ancestor live in a log cabin? What about their occupation? Did they attend school or go to work at an early age? The census report is one of the most useful tools for researchers because it helps us build a timeline of our family’s history, but what is it exactly? What does it tell us about our ancestors’ lives and how does it help us connect with living relatives who took the same DNA test as you did by showing shared ancestors between your match and yourself? read more

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How To Get Trust Administration Lawyers to Help You

Attorney for Wills and Trusts - Singh Law Firm

If you’re a beneficiary of a trust, chances are you have many questions about what comes next. For example, how do you receive the benefits of the trust and avoid being taxed on them? Do you need to get involved in the administration process? And how can you make sure that everything is done correctly? This guide will answer those questions and more so that you know exactly what your next steps should be as a beneficiary or potential beneficiary of a trust.

What is a trust?

Trusts are a legal entity that you set up to hold property for the benefit of another person. Trusts may be created in many different ways, including by will or trust agreement. Whatever the method of creation, all trusts share two important characteristics: read more

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Surprise Your Referrals With Stunning Personalized Business Cards

We’ve all heard that business cards are dead. The truth is, they never will be. They’re as important as ever, and people still like them. In fact, they may even like them more now because they can put their phone number on their card (and no longer have to say “call me” when handing it over). It’s true that many industries have moved away from paper and into digital marketing strategies, but your business card still says something important about you. There are still plenty of reasons to get a good-looking set of personalized custom business cards you just need to make sure yours stand out from the rest. read more

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4 Advantages of Pawn Loans

Are Pawnshop Loans Worth It? – Forbes Advisor

Compared to waiting for a bank, pawnshops are becoming increasingly popular due to the quick loans they provide. Currently, over 30 million Americans use pawnshops every year. Most people find it exhausting to spend hours in a traditional bank waiting for a loan to be processed, only to be declined. This is one of the reasons pawn loans are a better alternative. Here are a few other advantages of pawn loans.

Get The Money Immediately

One of the primary reasons that people opt for pawn loans is that you get the money instantly. Unlike a bank that will take a couple of weeks to approve your loan, pawn shops process and approve your loan immediately. You simply need to have collateral that will be exchanged for the loan. For instance, auto pawn shops are ideal for people looking for a significant amount of cash and are willing to trade their cars for cash. read more

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