We’ve all heard that business cards are dead. The truth is, they never will be. They’re as important as ever, and people still like them. In fact, they may even like them more now because they can put their phone number on their card (and no longer have to say “call me” when handing it over). It’s true that many industries have moved away from paper and into digital marketing strategies, but your business card still says something important about you. There are still plenty of reasons to get a good-looking set of personalized custom business cards you just need to make sure yours stand out from the rest.

Most people still like business cards.

Business cards are still a great way to get your name out there. They’re a good way to network. Your business card is the first impression you make when meeting prospects and clients, so it should reflect your brand and personality in an attractive and professional way. Business cards also help you stay organized by keeping your contact information easily accessible in one place, so if someone asks for yours at an event, give them one.

Your business card says something important about you.

Your business card is a reflection of your brand. If you’re working for a large corporation, your cards will be printed on the company’s letterhead and might not even include your name at all. But if you’re launching a new company or freelancing in the creative field, it’s important to put yourself on display you need to make an impression!

Your business card should also reflect who you are as a person: What do people notice when they first meet you? Is there something special about what you have to say?

If someone sees only one-dimensional work in front of them (such as typing up numbers), they won’t think that this person has much skill or creativity under their belt; similarly, if someone sees nothing but flamboyant peacocks on paper stock that screams “I’m supposed to be showy,” then they may assume that this individual doesn’t take themselves very seriously because they don’t take their job seriously either (even though perhaps there’s nothing further from reality).

Choose a layout that works for you.

  • Choose a layout that works for you. There are many different layouts available, so choose one that reflects your personal style and fits the personality of your business.
  • Use a layout that is appropriate for your industry. If you’re in a creative field, try using a unique layout to show off your creativity. If you work in finance, something simple and professional may be more appropriate than an artistic layout with lots of colors or images.
  • Use a layout that is appropriate for your business. If you’re just starting out with an online store, use something simple and straightforward with few words or graphics on it; this will help reflect the simplicity of the products being sold by making sure they stand out more prominently than anything else on the card itself.