Benefits of Wheelchair Accessible Cars

5 Key Benefits of Owning a Wheelchair Accessible Van - FR CONVERSIONS

Wheelchair-accessible cars are a great option for a disabled person. These vehicles offer some benefits, including safety, convenience, and adaptive technologies. However, many of these cars can be quite expensive. Thankfully, some states offer grants that cover purchasing and converting a vehicle.


Wheelchair-accessible cars like the ones at Freedom Motors are designed to allow people with disabilities to get into and out of a car safely. These vehicles are equipped with superior-quality equipment that can help reduce the risk of injury and come with built-in controls. They don’t require a driver’s seat and offer safety options such as tie-downs.
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How To Clean Your Car Like A Pro

Why I clean the interior of my car often [and maybe you should too] — Clean  My Car - Vancouver BC

Keep your car’s interior clean

  • Carefully wipe up spills right away. Don’t let dirt and crumbs build up on your seats, or the transfer of grime will make the task much more difficult.
  • Use a damp cloth to clean up spills. This is easier to do than it may sound and prevents damage caused by harsh chemicals or paper towels that can leave behind fibers.
  • Be careful not to eat or drink in your car! Don’t smoke in there either.

Clean your car’s exterior

The first thing you need to do is clean your car’s exterior. To do this, you’ll need a bucket, some warm water and a sponge or cloth. You can also use multipurpose cleaner if you have any on hand.

Once you’ve got all of the necessary supplies, make sure there are no suds in the bucket of water you don’t want suds on your car! Next up: microfiber towels or chamois leathers and car wash mitts. If none of those options sound appealing to you, go ahead and use a good old-fashioned sponge instead; just make sure it’s free of soap or dirt residue that could damage your paint job if left behind after washing. Finally comes the brush use it sparingly so as not to scratch any parts of your ride! read more

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Facts About Vehicle Roadside Assistance

How Car Data Improves Roadside Assistance - Otonomo

There are many benefits to vehicle roadside assistance plans. For example, you will not be alone when your car breaks down, and you’re stuck in a difficult location. Breakdown coverage will also come in handy if you’re traveling by bike. Breakdown assistance can help you get back on the road if you’re stranded. However, you must understand that this coverage can cost more than just a few dollars.

Cost Of Stand-Alone Towing Services

If you’re looking for stand-alone towing services for vehicle breakdowns, you can choose between a wide variety of options. Some of them include emergency truck repair or towing to your home. Other options are at-will services that don’t require a high-use limit or an annual subscription. They are a good choice if your coverage is limited and you must travel a lot. Towing services are commonly available throughout the U.S., and most car owners will require them at least once in their lifetime. However, the cost of getting a tow can be prohibitive without roadside assistance. Although some car insurance companies offer roadside assistance, you should check whether your policy covers the costs of stand-alone towing services.
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Why Should I Care About Driving Records?

The Importance of a Driver's Record

If you want a job that involves driving, or if you want to get insurance, you should know about your driving record. Insurance companies and potential employers may request this information and knowing it will improve your chances of getting the job you want. It will also help you prevent identity theft.


If you’re an employer, you know it’s important to check a prospective employee’s driving history. If they are driving company vehicles or operating heavy machinery, you’ll want to know their record before hiring them. The process helps employers avoid hiring someone with a dangerous driving history and prevents them from causing accidents. But while it can help to minimize the risk of a driving-related accident on the job, it can’t eliminate it. read more

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Automobile News Newest Breaking Auto News Auto Industry News

Called DreamDrive and DreamDrive Pro, the option groups bundle collectively a quantity of well-liked superior driver aids. Today, the brand-new Hyundai Santa Cruz pickup received official security scores from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety , and the news is nice. The 2022 Santa Cruz grabbed a Top Safety Pick award, including to an already great yr for Hyundai and Genesis security. During this year’s show, model-year 2023 debuts have been the Acura Integra, Kia Sportage Hybrid, Mazda CX-50, and twinsies the Subaru Solterra and Toyota bZ4X amongst others. read more

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Automotive News, Car Evaluations And Automobile Tech

Wonder, a supply startup valued at $3.5 billion, sends a ‘chef-on-the-road’ to your door to complete cooking. But the auto maker sees production recovering as semiconductor shortages ease. QUT robotics researchers working with Ford Motor Company have discovered a method to inform an autonomous automobile which cameras to make use of when navigating.

The range-topping RS three was conspicuously absent from that announcement, but the automaker has simply remedied that omission. Volkswagen today introduced modifications and updates to its new automobile and SUV lineup for the 2022 mannequin year. The changes give consideration to bringing more tech and updated security features to a broader range of fashions. Last month, Audi debuted Skysphere, the first of three thrilling concept automobiles, at Pebble Beach. read more

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Auto: News & Reviews On The Auto Trade

Toyota is canceling the Yaris subcompact after the 2020 model yr, according to multiple stories and claimed confirmation by a Toyota spokesperson. The Mazda-based Yaris hatchback was new for 2020, replacing the earlier France-sourced Yaris hatch, however gradual sales have sealed the car’s destiny. Toyota is giving the 2021 Camry a thorough refresh that updates the car’s styling, improves the interior, upgrades the safety and infotainment know-how, and modifies the lineup. Volkswagen announced that most of its 2021 model-year automobiles will function all-new MIB3 infotainment know-how. Blacked-out trim packages are all the fad, and aftermarket outlets abound with options for many who want the distinctly customized look. But automotive firms are clearly taking note and providing their very own variations. read more

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Auto News: Automotive And Bike News, Newest Upcoming Automobile, Bike Launches, Auto Trade

“The firm has firmed up plans to diversify and increase in adjacent and alternative companies to create further income streams,” he mentioned. The company reported gross sales revenue of JPY 3,829.5 billion (a year-on-year increase of 6.9%). Although car sales decreased, consolidated gross sales revenue experienced a year-on-year increase due primarily to an increase in motorbike sales and favourable currency results. The first of the 5 new electrical SUVs will be launched in December 2024 beginning with the India market. Reuters, the news and media division of Thomson Reuters, is the world’s largest multimedia news provider, reaching billions of people worldwide every day. read more

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How I Integrated Dealer Systems

Do car salesmen get paid hourly? A labor law attorney explains

I’ve been in the auto industry for more than some years, and I’ve seen a lot of change. In this article, I’ll share what it takes to integrated dealer systems.

The first step is to have a clear picture of the scope of the project.

The most important thing you can do is to have a clear picture of the scope of your project. You need to define what problem you are trying to solve and how you want to go about solving it.

If you’ve ever tried following a diet or fitness program, then chances are good that at some point, other people told you how great their own was going for them. Maybe they told stories about how much weight they lost or how fit they got after starting their new diet plan (or maybe even just talked about the delicious food). These things can be tempting it’s hard not to envy someone else’s results when we’re struggling with our own results but don’t let this happen. Be ambitious in setting goals, but also stay realistic and keep yourself accountable by being honest with yourself about what kind of progress is reasonable given the time frame that works best for your lifestyle read more

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