The Importance of a Driver's Record

If you want a job that involves driving, or if you want to get insurance, you should know about your driving record. Insurance companies and potential employers may request this information and knowing it will improve your chances of getting the job you want. It will also help you prevent identity theft.


If you’re an employer, you know it’s important to check a prospective employee’s driving history. If they are driving company vehicles or operating heavy machinery, you’ll want to know their record before hiring them. The process helps employers avoid hiring someone with a dangerous driving history and prevents them from causing accidents. But while it can help to minimize the risk of a driving-related accident on the job, it can’t eliminate it.

Conducting a driving record background check can help reduce your company’s liability and protect your customers, employees, and assets. For example, if you run an ambulance service, you should run a background check on every prospective driver. You’ll want to ensure the driver is not reckless and may be prone to accidents or hit-and-run drivers. In addition, the MVR report will show if they have a history of speeding tickets or have multiple DUIs.

While conducting a driving record background check isn’t necessary for some jobs, it’s an essential step for employers and hiring managers. Accidents caused by employees while driving for business can cause a company to become vicariously liable. Not only can these accidents increase insurance rates, but they can also damage a company’s reputation and lead to costly litigation. In addition, driving record background checks are covered by the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) and state laws.


Conducting a driving record background check is an important aspect of your general background check. Whether hiring a new employee or a potential one, it’s important to understand a prospective employee’s past driving history clearly. After all, you want to hire a safe driver, not one with a history of accidents or speeding tickets. Therefore, you should be able to quickly identify any potential problems and take necessary action if necessary.

You can perform a driving record background check online and search for a person’s driving record.

Conducting a driving record background check can help you spot unsafe drivers and keep your drivers safe. Certain records can only be found on a driving record and may not appear on a criminal background search, like driving under the influence of alcohol. There are also motor vehicle background checks that can meet industry standards. You can use these to ensure that your prospective employee is responsible in all aspects of his life.

A driving record background check should be conducted every six months, even if you only hire a person with a clean driving record. For instance, if you’re hiring a delivery driver, it’s important to check the driver’s MVR. The information on this record will include whether he has ever had a ticket, if he has had and whether he has any commercial driving experience. Every state has laws regarding the lookback period of driving records, but generally, you can access them for three to seven years.


Employers often use driving record background checks to screen candidates for employment. This information provides insights into a candidate’s character, including whether they have been involved in accidents, drug use, or reckless driving. Drivers’ records also reveal other information about a person, including whether or not they have a valid license and any violations or suspensions they may have had. In addition to obtaining a driving record background check, you can also get commercial records of a person. These records are often used for employment purposes, and certain information stays on them for over three years.