Accidents occur every day, but drivers can avoid them in most cases. Here, we have put together the leading causes of car accidents in the UK that affect you and other drivers. So, always stay healthy, sensitive, and conscious because it may be someone around you that is about to cause an accident. You can always call 247 home rescue number in case accident occurs because some accident is inevitable.

Below are the leading causes of accidents in the UK.

  • Distracted driving

The leading cause of car accidents in the UK today is distracted drivers. Before you think a distracted driver is just someone on their phone, it can also mean much more, such as eating, reading, and making-up. Both are very popular for drivers, but the statistics indicate the most dangerous. If you want to be safe on the lane, you will need all your full attention.

  • Overspeeding

While United Kingdom roads are among the safest globally, speed causes quite sometimes accidents. Injuries caused by high-speed car collisions are more challenging and add to car crash fatality rates.

You will be fined a minimum tax of £100 and 3 penalty points on your license. If you pick up 11 or more points on your claim within three years, you will be disqualified. However, you are a novice driver and will cancel your request after only six consequence points within two years of passing your driving examination.

  • Alcohol and narcotics drivers

Public Understanding of the effects of driving under the influence of drugs has grown, but it still causes many accidents today. Many people feel that they are safe to drive a few drinks or after taking a pill, but it does not take much to reach the legal alcohol limit. It may cause severe accidents and injuries to individuals in the vehicle, the car itself, those in or on the street, and property damage.

  • Risky driving

It is a more severe driving crime than distracted driving. The offence will result in an expensive fine and a maximum 14-year sentence banned from driving. Risky driving can include aggressive driving, unlawful overtaking, driving, and road rage; this can lead to accidents quickly and can prove fatal to anyone involved in the crash.

  • Climate condition

People do not consider weather conditions, while driving can cause road accidents. Weather such as heavy rain, ice, fog, snow, sleet, and dust can cause vision issues or how the car reacts on the road, like skidding when icy.

There are various car insurance services that will insure your care when the inevitable accident occurs. It is vital to take care when driving in bad weather conditions to be secure when on the roads, keep to the speed restrictions, or go slower if possible. Those who speed or drive dangerously in bad weather are the cause of injury fatality.

  • Tiredness

Tiredness is particularly prevalent in the early morning, late finishes, and driving through the night. The study indicates that exhaustion causes approximately 20% of road accidents. Typically, those who have attempted to resolve fatigue or chronic tiredness end up sleeping on the wheel. Tired road accidents are more likely to cause severe injury or fatality than others, so it is vital to have enough rest not to happen while driving.

  • Failure to look right

Not looking rightly before taking any driving decision explains almost half of our road accidents, which is unbelievable if you think about it. Removing from a junction is one of the most popular scenarios without stopping to see if clear. Changing lanes on the motorway without quick over-the-holder testing is another typical concern. Remember when you did your driving test, what you were told: mirror, signal, manoeuvre. Stick to this, and even if you do not see anyone, only signs will help you prevent a collision.