You will find lots of travel guides for the UK on the internet, which all provide varying information on different aspects relating to travel from some of the best lunch joints to the best accommodation and the best destinations for your vacation. However, maybe due to the widespread nature of an excellent public transport network or London’s city’s beautiful nature to cycle or walkthrough, the travel guides fall short of reputable car rental companies in the country. An important point you need to keep in mind is the importance of using review sites such as when it comes to finding reputable car rental companies. This article also seeks to help you find reputable car hire companies in the UK.


Founded as Rent-a-Car Inc, in 1918 in Chicago, Illinois, the Hertz Corporation is recognised for various things, including great deals on van and car rentals and fast internet-based check-in. If you arrive in London and you need a rental company, Hertz is a great choice to go for. There exist several branches of Hertz distributed throughout the UK, nearly as frequently as historical landmarks are. You will find these branches attached to hotels and main airports.


This car rental company is best known for its excellent customer service. It also offers a wide variety of rental vehicles selections, from cargo vans to compact cars. The company’s plans and offerings are aimed at business travellers, with companies taking advantage of National business rental plans. It permits employees, irrespective of the size of their company, to rent their cars. It’s a company that offers easy booking at fairly standard rates.


This is a car rental company the millennial love. Alamo provides limitless free mileage. If you’ll be driving the car with a group or your significant other, Alamo offers a second driver cost that is much cheaper than that of most of its competitors. Alamo also has an insider free program that provides clients with an assured 5% off retail rate discount.


This is a renowned and reputable car rental company with a presence both in the UK and the US. During your trip to Northern Ireland or Great Britain, you can expect a good experience with Enterprise. A majority of clients who have rented with Enterprise in the UK have left positive experiences. The few who have had negative experiences were mostly due to not knowing some UK regulations and were not due to the company’s incompetence. When renting a car in Northern Ireland with enterprises, there is an added cross border fee. Consult with their representatives to ensure you know any other such associated costs before making your booking decision. Generally, Enterprise is a great rental car company to choose from for your visit to the UK. However, you need to ensure that you are well informed of the countries traffic rules and other extra fees that might be involved and insurance.

Some of the areas that client have rated Enterprise excellently include;

  • A rapid pick-up process
  • A rapid drop-off process
  • Brilliant car hygiene
  • Exceptional general value for money.
  • Exceptional rental desk service.


SIXT is a renowned rental company in Europe and has a significant market share in the UK. It has several locations in airports and major cities in the UK. It offers a generally good service, variable rates, and its cars are in good condition.  Those renting in North Ireland will specifically get excellent deals with SIXT. Ensure that you know the compulsory insurance required when renting a vehicle with SIXT, such as the Collision Damage Waiver (CDW and what SIXT needs you to pay for. This will make sure that you do not pay for something you do not require. Overall the company has received more positive reviews than negative experiences from its former clients. Areas that clients have excellently rated the company include .

  • A rapid drop-off process
  • A rapid pick-up process
  • Exceptional hygiene of its cars 
  • Great general value for cash


If you are looking for a can affordable car rental brand Firefly is the choice to go for. It was founded in 2009 and is owned by Hertz. It has its presence in 21 countries and has a total of 145 offices worldwide. In the UK, it has offices in all main tourist destinations and main train stations and airports. It has a fleet that provides a wide variety of cars depending on a client budget and needs, from SUVs, sedans, full-size cars and minivans. It has been rated excellently by clients in the areas below.

  • Rapid drop-off process
  • Rapid pick-up process
  • Exceptional hygiene of cars
  • Quality rental desk services.

In conclusion, identifying a reputable car rental company for your travel in the UK can be challenging. This article seeks to make this process simple and has listed some of the reliable car rental companies you can use in the UK.