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It can be extremely frustrating when you’re dealing with a screw that just doesn’t seem to budge. You don’t want to break the item from which you are removing the screw, but you need to remove it ASAP. These are some tips that can help you get the job done fast when you need to:

Find the Right Tool

The first thing you need to do is check your tools. Make sure you’re using the appropriate tool for the job. Part of the reason the screw isn’t coming out might be that you’re using an unconventional tool to release it. Be sure to use a Phillip’s head screwdriver if the design matches that type of tool. Look through your toolbox and shed to find one, and make sure it’s nice and sharp where it counts.

Clean off the Screw Head

You may also want to clean off the screw head and the surrounding area. Sometimes, mud and dirt cause a screw to be stubborn. Thus, you can try cleaning it with a wet rag or scraping it with a sharp object. Be sure not to warp the screw’s head when you do that, though.

Use a Penetrating Oil

Another idea for you is to use theĀ best penetrating oil to loosen the screw up. You can do this by putting a generous amount of oil on the screw. Allow the screw to sit for a few minutes with the penetrating oil on it. The oil will break up any existing rust andĀ debris and make the screw easier to loosen up for you. Be patient, and it will happen for you.

Don’t Let a Screw Beat You

Use the tips mentioned above to release a screw you’ve been wrestling with for a while. You’ll be glad you put in the extra effort when you see that screw in your hand in the end.