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Most ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) features, including cameras and sensors mounted in your windshield, require calibration after a replacement. A minute camera lens movement can cause these safety features to malfunction or fail.

Calibration services are expensive, requiring special machinery only used in a shop setting. This limits the number of mobile installers who can provide this service.

ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems)

Modern windshields aren’t just glass anymore. Many ADAS features like cameras and sensors are now built into or attached to them. These sensors and cameras rely on your windshield to work appropriately, and a slight deviation, even just a few millimeters, can throw off how the system works.

You could miss essential safety warnings or react to false information if an ADAS feature fails. For this reason, it’s critical to have a trained technician calibrate your ADAS system after a windshield replacement.

There are two main types of windshield calibration services Washington NJ, static and dynamic. Static calibration is done at your windshield repair shop using a special tool in a controlled environment. Dynamic ADAS calibration involves having your technician drive your vehicle on traffic roads to ensure the cameras and sensors work correctly in real-world conditions. The most accessible approach to appropriately safeguard your ADAS systems function is to do this.


Modern windshields now have cameras and sensors that enhance driving safety and serve as protection from the weather. ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) features include automatic emergency braking, lane-departure warning alerts, and adaptive cruise control.

These safety features are built into your windshield and use sensors to detect other vehicles, pedestrians, and road conditions. Unfortunately, windshield damage can cause these safety features to become misaligned or disconnected. This is when calibration is necessary.

Calibration involves adjusting the camera lens to ensure it can take an accurate and reliable picture of the road and other vehicles. It’s important because even a small change in the alignment of these sensors can cause them to fail. This can result in dangerous driving or accidents. Fortunately, most windshield repair shops offer ADAS recalibration and regular repair and replacement services. Having both done at the same time allows you to save both time and money.


Many insurance companies cover the cost of auto glass repair and replacement and may even include windshield calibration services if the system is affected by damage or an accident. However, a few factors can make the process more complicated.

Whether your policyholder has a small crack or chip that needs to be repaired or their windshield was recently replaced, most vehicle manufacturers require the ADAS cameras and sensors integrated with the auto glass to be recalibrated afterward to ensure optimal functionality.

These camera sensors are precise and must be aimed at exact locations to function properly. They must be recalibrated by trained technicians with specialized tools in a controlled environment.

The dynamic windshield calibration process requires the technician to drive your vehicle. At the same time, a hand-held device is plugged into the car and follows specific parameters such as a set distance, speed, and weather conditions. These parameters can be complex for smaller glass shops to offer as they need the equipment or training.


ADAS calibration services require time, training, and specialized equipment to perform. For these reasons, it adds extra cost to any auto glass repair shop’s bill. Making sure your car’s safety features are operational is vital, though.

Nearly all automakers specify that cameras and sensors on a windshield must be recalibrated after replacing a new or repaired windshield. A difference in camera angle of even a few degrees can impact the ADAS system’s ability to recognize your vehicle and the vehicles around you.

Many auto glass companies offer these services and can provide the proper expertise. These vital services can help you find the right company to handle your auto glass repair and replacement needs. Especially as technology advances and becomes more prevalent in cars of all shapes and sizes.