Six Things You Need to Know Before Your Next Car Repair - CAA South Central  Ontario

Today’s cars are more complex than ever before. They contain a multitude of electronic and computerized components that can make diagnosis and repairs difficult. Even if you are pretty handy, there are times when it is best to visit a professional mechanic. Here are three signs that you need to get your car into a mechanic right now.

1. Knocking or Grinding Noises

Any sounds that you don’t normally hear when driving could be an indication of serious trouble. If your car suddenly makes a clunking or grinding sound, especially when shifting gears, it could be a sign of transmission trouble. Take it in for transmission service Lynnwood to avoid making the problem worse.

2. A Flashing Warning Light

Be honest: Your car is probably equipped with so many warning systems that a light coming on may not trigger an alarm. However, if that light is flashing continuously, you need to find a safe place to stop, turn off the engine and call for a tow truck. This could be an indication of misfiring, which can quickly lead to serious (i.e. expensive) damage.

3. Fluid In Your Parking Space

Leaks are never a good sign, and fluid buildup in your parking space is a pretty good indicator that something is leaking. If you notice a wet or discolored spot, first check to make sure it isn’t water from the air conditioning system. Once you establish it is a different fluid, take a quick peek under the vehicle to see if you can identify where it is coming from. Take a picture if possible to share with your mechanic when you schedule an appointment.

Not every sound or light is cause for immediate concern. However, if you notice a flashing light, unusual grinding noise during shifting or signs of a leak, it is a good idea to have your car checked right away.