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You’re probably wondering why you should choose to ship your products with intermodal transportation. The countless benefits are likely to benefit anyone using less-than-truckload shipping. Here are three key reasons:

Intermodal freight shipping

Unlike truckload transportation, intermodal freight shipping avoids the need to move goods from one container to another. It ensures the total protection and security of your product. It is ideal for shipments from one region to another and beyond. Most intermodal shipments begin by road transport or ground delivery to Canada, where trucks move goods to the first transfer point. This allows you to turn on multiple loads with the same driver. This can be especially advantageous in driver shortages, as a single driver can handle multiple loads in one trip.

Trains are another option for moving heavy and oversized cargo. They are also less susceptible to weather and environmental conditions than highways. Compared to roads, rails often travel through remote, underserved areas. Smaller shipments may have fewer options for working with an intermodal provider, and multiple stops can add time to delivery. But intermodal providers are working to increase the flexibility of service offerings. So, what are the benefits of intermodal freight shipping?

Cost savings

When looking to reduce the pre-load costs of freight shipping, there are several factors to consider. One of the most obvious ways to do this is to contract with existing carriers for more extended periods. As a result, you can lock in better rates, tightening capacity, and receive more reliable freight loads. Furthermore, carriers may offer lower rates on off-peak days, saving you significant money. As a bonus, negotiating longer-term contracts with carriers is free!

Another way to reduce freight costs is to encourage customers to buy bulk. For example, if ten pallets are purchased at once, you can ship them for a lower price. This method will also save you money as ten pallets are shipped in one day rather than two pallets every other day. To encourage this behavior, consider offering free shipping or other incentives to encourage customers to buy in bulk. This will also allow you to share the cost savings between shipping companies and retailers.


There’s no denying that the reliability of freight shipping is at an all-time low. According to a recent study by Sea-Intelligence, this figure has dropped to a record low of 33.6%. That means that almost two-thirds of products shipped by sea are arriving late. Shipment times of parts have likewise soared, and they are now an average of 92 days. As a result, when goods are assembled in the US, they may be delayed while waiting for components from China.

Another report from Sea-Intelligence, covering 34 different trade lanes and 60+ carriers, showed that overall schedule reliability dropped in November to only 33.6%, a slight improvement compared to September. Overall, however, it remained far lower than in the past. In addition to schedule reliability, other metrics like overall vessel capacity have also decreased in recent years. According to Sea-Intelligence, this trend continued through the end of November.


When you ship items by freight shipping, you enjoy the ease of convenience and lower transportation costs. Freight consolidation means fewer trucks, which reduces the chance of accidents. In addition, freight consolidation allows you to manage the entire supply chain from origin to delivery, reducing the risk of order loss. Whether your shipments are large or small, you can choose a carrier that suits your needs. When selecting a freight shipping company, choose one with an excellent track record of customer satisfaction.

Whether you have a small business or you want to expand your business, you can benefit from freight consolidation. Consolidation can reduce shipping costs for smaller shipments. It can also streamline your shipping process and improve your business’s efficiency. Freight consolidation is an excellent solution for any company that wants to increase delivery speed and build better customer relationships.