Automotive Collision Repair & Refinishing

If you’re a manager of a car repair shop, you’ve probably heard some of the common myths surrounding auto body repair. From insurance, warranties, training, and insurance claim to myths about car owners, there’s a good chance that your boss has one or more of these misconceptions about auto body repair. Fortunately, these misconceptions don’t have to be true! So read on and visit auto body shop Denver CO to learn more!

Common myths about auto body repair

Your boss’s auto body shop is not always the best choice for your car. In some cases, you may even find yourself paying more than you have to for routine maintenance. It would be best if you also avoided the common myth that you must use the shop recommended by your insurance provider. While it’s better to stick with a reputable shop, it’s not necessary. 

Not all shops use OEM parts. Your insurance provider will want the cheapest repairs, so you don’t always have to pay the total cost of repairs. And remember, your insurer won’t cover all of them. But the best shops use OEM parts to ensure your car is repaired properly. 

Myths about insurance

Some people believe their insurance company can dictate where their car is repaired. While this is partly true, it cannot be very clear. Sometimes an insurance company provides a lower estimate, which does not mean it is always right. The auto body shop will negotiate with the insurance company, not the other way around. However, you should never feel pressured to use a shop that an insurance company recommends. Several factors should be considered before deciding where to take your car for repairs.

When choosing an auto body shop, make sure to find out the insurance company’s preferred method of payment. Insurance companies are notorious for trying to steer you toward their preferred shop. You have the right to get more than one estimate, and you have the right to choose where your car is towed. In addition, keep in mind that an insurance company does not do the work on your car. It will pay for the repairs, but you can still choose another body shop.

Myths about warranties

There are many myths about auto body repair. Some myths can lead you to spend more money than necessary on routine maintenance. Some of these myths even affect the warranties offered by auto body shops. They may not cover all repairs made to your car, and you may wait longer for your vehicle to be fixed. 

Myths about training

There are many myths about the process of auto body repair. These myths can cost you money and prevent you from getting the best service possible for your vehicle. Many insurance companies even tell you which body shop you need to use.B

Using scanning software in your shop is one of the most popular myths. Using the wrong scan tool can make your customers unhappy and reduce sales. Using a scanner to repair a vehicle doesn’t actually repair it. This myth has been around for decades. You must ensure your employees know the difference between scanning and recalibration. Once you’ve got the right software, you’ll be able to perform quality repairs faster and more efficiently than ever.