The 2017 NASCAR circuit is in full swing! Jimmy Johnson is doing better than ever, with Dale Jr. right on his toes. I’ll admit, it’s not the same without Jeff Gordon anymore, but NASCAR is awesome to watch!

When you’re watching NASCAR you need to have great food! The simple burgers and hotdogs aren’t going to cut it. You need to step up your NASCAR BBQ game with these 4 ideas:

  • Brisket

Smoking a brisket has never been easier thanks to modern smokers! Hell – you don’t even need to have a modern smoker to make a great brisket. All you need to do is wrap the delicious piece of meat inside of a few layers of tinfoil, start up your grill to a low 350, and let it sit on their for 10+ hours. Anyone can do it – it’s that simple.

However, the hard part is finding the correct dry rub to put on there. You could do a wet rub, but that’s not the way that brisket is meant to be eaten. You want a good Texas dry rub. After all, NASCAR is HUGE in Texas!

  • Ribs

Ribs are the easiest thing in the world to make thanks to the advent of processed foods. Most grocery stores have packaged pre-cooked BBQ ribs. Sweet Baby Rays makes some of the best pre-packaged / cooked ribs that you’re going to be able to find.

They’re very simple to cook. Heat your oven up to 400 degrees, put the ribs in, wait 4 hours, and boom – you have some of the most delicious ribs that you’re ever going to eat. All you need to do is convince everyone that you cooked these by yourself. There isn’t a better way to watch a race than with some good ole BBQ ribs.

  • BBQ Chicken Breasts

BBQ chicken is delicious and can easily be cooked in a variety of ways. The most common is to smother the chicken in BBQ sauce and throw it on the grill.

However, that’s not what we’re talking about here. We want you to cook your BBQ chicken sous vide. When you cook sous vide, you’re essentially doing a set-and-forget cooking style thanks to submerging the vacuum sealed BBQ chicken breasts inside of a water oven that’s heated by a new Anova or Sansaire┬ásous vide machine. This is one of the most modern means of cooking that’s taking the world by storm.

You’ll be able to make the perfect meal each and every time. You can go ahead and tell your NASCAR racing friends that you cooked it on the grill (you’ll have to sear and torch it when you’re done cooking). But those Budweiser drinking, crash-loving NASCAR friends will never know the difference. Find the best sous vide machine reviews at

  • Pulled Pork

Pulled pork is INCREDIBLY easy to make if you know what you’re doing. The easiest, and best, way that I have found is to cook the pork inside of a crock pot for 10+ hours on a low setting. This allows the pork to cook evenly, and slowly. By the time it’s done, you’ll simply be able to pull the pork apart using two forks.

It’s going to come out absolutely perfectly so you’ll be able to eat it as is or put it on a roll. Either way it’s going to be absolutely delicious. If you don’t have a crock pot and want to combine a few of these items, you can cook the pulled pork inside of a sous vide machine. You’ll have to use a 2-3 hour setting at around 140 degrees. Once it’s done, though, it’s going to be some of the best meat that you’ll ever taste. Your NASCAR buddies will love it!

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