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Taking the time to research your dealership will help you make an informed decision. A dealership with a solid reputation will provide an exceptional car buying experience. Using genuine Chevrolet parts ensures that your vehicle will perform properly and safely. It will also reduce the need for expensive repairs in the future.


The Chevrolet factory warranty is a guarantee that covers certain repairs. However, most mechanical problems occur after the factory warranty has expired. Many dealerships like the Turner Chevrolet offer extended auto warranties to help drivers protect themselves from unexpected repair bills. Third-party companies back these plans and tend to cost less than manufacturer warranties.

Moreover, most third-party extended warranties cover repairs at any certified shop versus the limited choice of repair shops under a manufacturer warranty. Consequently, these plans are more flexible and have longer service terms than factory warranties. Some top-rated extended warranty providers offer as many as six specialized plans tailored to different car needs. 


When shopping for a Chevrolet car, you need to consider the total cost of ownership. This includes depreciation, insurance, maintenance, and financing charges. This will help you narrow your options and find a car that fits your budget.

Before heading to the dealership, have all the necessary documentation with you. This includes copies of your driver’s license, utility bill, and pay stub. This will speed up the process and prevent delays. Also, have a copy of your credit score on hand. This will be useful if the dealer needs to run a credit report.

If you’re not planning to pay cash, a dealership can work with you to get you financed. They can help you compare loan offers from various lenders to ensure you get the best rate. They can also help you value your trade-in and negotiate a price for your old vehicle. This can reduce your monthly payments and make the car more affordable.


Chevrolet is a popular car brand that produces a variety of vehicles. Their famous bow tie logo is recognizable around the world. Whether you’re looking for a small hatchback or a spacious SUV, there is a Chevy vehicle for everyone. The company also has several programs to help people save money on their vehicles.

If you’re considering buying a new Chevrolet car, comparing your financing options is important. Some buyers prefer to lease a car because it requires lower monthly payments. However, leasing can cause your vehicle to depreciate faster than if you financed it.

Service Department

When servicing your Chevrolet car, there is only one place you should go – the dealer. While your local mechanic might be competent, they won’t have the official certification from Chevy that you can get at a dealership. The Chevrolet Certified Service experts know every inch of your vehicle, so you can trust them to keep it in top condition.

From hearing a rattle to having a fender bender, our service experts have you covered. They are GM-trained and equipped to handle any repair or maintenance you might need, including installing genuine OEM parts.

Your battery provides the power to start your engine and run accessories when the engine isn’t running, so it’s important to ensure you have a reliable one. We can help you choose the right one for your needs and install it at our service center. Our technicians use only the best quality parts, so you can be confident that your battery is performing at its peak.