Tips on how to drive safely in the rain

“Speed kills” is a statement that is familiar in road signs in almost all countries of the world. This sign serves as a reminder to road users, most especially drivers, to stay within the recommended speed limits. Weather conditions are not usually mentioned in this warning sign, even though it is equally as important to securing life and properties in treacherous weather conditions such as rain.

Several accidents have been recorded to have occurred due to driving home in the rain. The concern of most people, since rainfall is not regulated and is not subject to human control, is how to ensure that they can continue driving safely during the downpour.

For many people with insurance, knowing the different car insurance policies that cover accidents that occur when driving in the rain is important. This article does not advise drivers to continue driving during heavy rainfall if it can be avoided, but will, however, try and explain some safety tips and measures to take and things to avoid when driving during heavy rainfall.

Slow Down

During heavy rainfall, the weather sometimes darkens and visibility reduces for drivers and even pedestrians. It is important that the driver moves within the speed limit, or even drives slower if need be, to be able to control the car better. This article does not cover details about the safety measures, but for more information on the details on that, you should visit reviews platforms like


When driving, several people tend to involve themselves in other secondary activities such as making calls, eating and so on, that distract them from their primary job of focusing on the road. When driving in the rain, that could be the difference between getting to your destination, getting hospitalised or even dying as the car may lose control and you may be unable to hold it in place.


The headlights added by car manufacturers to cars were included to help you travel mostly at night, but the headlights are also needed and are very important during rainfall. As the weather becomes cloudy and darkest, it gives the appearance of night-time, so you need to turn on your headlights to aid you in seeing cars in front of you and help others know exactly where your car is on the road.

Keeping both hands on the wheel

Some people prefer driving with one hand on the wheel as a way of showing off to their friends or passerbys that they are professional drivers. During heavy rainfall or is in the best interest of other persons in the car, you should place both hands on the wheel, as any imbalance to the car may be dangerous and not-easily controlled with a single hand on the wheel.

Maintain Distance

When driving in the rain, it is not the time to show how fast your car moves. Instead, it is best if you maintain a distance of about 5 seconds from the car in front of you as …

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