Summit Point Motorsports Park: A Race Fan's Guide

Summit Point Motorsports Park offers many great locations to watch motorcycle and automobile racing along its 10-turn, 2.0-mile layout. You’ll be able to stand at the end of the 2,900-foot-long main straightaway where drivers test their nerves while they wait for the latest possible instant to outbreak each other. Or you can watch the masters of car control as they four-wheel-drift through the tricky infield section. There’s something for everyone at Summit Point. Grab a Summit Point Motorsports Park track map and check out where to watch the action and fine out what you’ll see:

Start/finish straight

Grab a lawn chair and sit on top of the hill overlooking the start/finish line at Summit Point and you’ll see nearly four-corners of action while racers try speed down the track’s longest straight and attempt to outbreak each other entering turn No. 1. Then they grab as must speed was possible while jockeying for position in corners two and three. Too much throttle and they spin out. Too little and they get left behind.

Turn No. 1

Stand along the mound at the end of the front straight at Summit Point and you can see racers rocket down the track and hear tires chirp while they break on the limit of lockup. Or go along the guardrail and hear the motorcycle racers knee pucks scrape against the asphalt.

Corner No. 5 bleachers

The corner No. 5 spectator position at Summit Point is on a set of bleachers on a mound that’s about 10 feet higher than the track. You’re on top of the action at this location, looking down at the riders and drivers as they race downhill and try to grab as much brake as possible to set up for the track’s infield section. Turn five is the slowest corner on the track and drivers tend to chose from one of multiple racing lines through the corner as they set up for the rest of the five-corner infield section.

Infield section

If you watch anywhere automobile or motorcycle racing in the infield portion of Summit Point raceway, you’ll see about half a lap (30 seconds or so) of racing action. It all begins as drivers race down from the mountain through turn No. 4, brake hard for corner No. 5. From then on they balance speed, control and smoothness as they gain speed through corners 6-9. Anywhere in this section, you’ll be able to see all of the action. A favorite of mine is high on top the bleachers outside of corner No. 8 because the elevation allows you to see so much more action. Corner No. 9 is tricking because it’s an uphill, right-hand corner where the fastest driers slide through the corner. They use the incline on exit to catch them from going off track.

Turn No. 10

Some fans, especially the car racing enthusiasts, prefer sitting on top of the bleachers at the corner because they get to see all of the action in the pits at Summit Point. Or they can watch cars speed all the way down the front straight. Turn No. 10 is important because it leads on to the main straight. A few feet gained at the exit of turn 10 turns into a car length or more by the time you reach the end of the straightaway.

For auto racing schedules go to Mid-Atlantic Road Racing Club. For motorcycle racing schedules, go to WERA racing or CCS racing.

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