Steak + NASCAR = Love

What are the two best things on Earth? Steak and NASCAR.

What happens when you combine the two? Absolute bliss.

There is nothing that we love more than NASCAR and Steak. We’re simple people, after all.

That’s why this NASCAR season has seen us spending so much money on high-quality steak to BBQ. While we absolutely love cooking on our grill, we also love cooking on our sous vide machine.

We brought our sous vide to our local midget racing circuit and cooked up some steak for our friends. It came out great and they loved it.

Know what else we love? We love how well Jimmie Johnson is doing. It’s been a few years since he was last racing this good. It feels great to have the champ back out there doing what he’s best at.

With the NASCAR season winding down, we reflect on all of the good food that we ate with our friends.

We tried so many new things – like BBQ chicken breast and tenderloins. We’re normally red meat people, so this was a bit of a change of pace for us. Nevertheless, we enjoyed it very much.

While there’s still some season left, we wanted to thank you all for reading and following NASCAR with us. Going forward, we’re going to post more about the food that we eat while we watch NASCAR.