Many new drivers first time in SCCA Pro Racing

The qualifications test for the F4 U.S professional has just happened. And many new drivers have debuted at this year drive for the F4 racing circuit. The F4 racing circuit is one of the most well-known SCCA Pro Racing events. So there is a lot of anticipation for many of the new drivers at this event. Fans of SCCA Pro racing are eagerly waiting to see if there are a lot of new and young talents that will be racing for their first time in the F4 U.S circuit. The Formula 4 U.S Championship race is going to be held at the NOLA Motorsports Park. And it is going to be held from February the 25th to the 26th.

There is a total of eighteen new F4 drivers debuting in this championship race. These eighteen different drivers spend across six various teams. And more than half of these drivers are first participants, as they are still rookies in the world of professional racing. This is many of the driver’s first time ever participating in an SCCA Pro Racing officially sanctioned race. More than half of the drivers are complete newbies to an SCCA racing event.

Among one of the teams is a Colombian youth who has just started out driving in the F4 competition. Mathias Soler has just been fresh off of many Kart victories that he has won around the world. And Soler is also a strong contender to snatch the title of the F4 racing champ. He has just come off of the being the winner of the inaugurated series of races by the Lucas Oil School of Racing. Many people are saying that he could be the winner of this year’s races.

With all of these new drivers hitting the track at the F4 championship race, a lot of racing analysts and news outlet are unsure of the results. Many of the past season’s F4 races have always had a strong showing by the professional races. However, there are also many rookie races in this year’s championship race, who show a lot of promise. So there is a huge toss-up of whoever could claim the championship title of this year. The SCCA pro racing organization has not had a long history of rookie drivers seizing the title. So there could be a lot of hype surrounding which driver may end up winning this year’s F4 champion title.

Their Sponsors

Sponsored by Honda, this year’s F4 U.S championship race is set to be of the biggest in the history of the SCCA Pro Racing organization. Many of the drivers have only just begun their career in professional formula racing at this event. So a lot of new careers in professional racing could just be starting out at the F4 U.S Championship. This is the championship race wherein rookies and pros all vie for the same F4 champion title. So there could be a lot of shake-ups in the world of professional formula racing. This is because there could be an all-new champion in the F4 history, at the championship U.S race.