What to expect out of IRL?

The IRL or also known as the IndyCar auto racing association has got a lot in store for its fans this year. You are sure to get excited by many of their numerous events. So if you are wondering what you should look forward to in the IndyCar list of events, you should read on. You will get to know all that you will have to look forward to in the IndyCar racing league.

Fans of the IndyCar racing league are not going to be disappointed in what is in store for them this year. There is going to a lot of thrilling IndyCar racing competition that is going to held this year. And a lot of them promise to be very enjoyable for long-time fans of the racing organization.

The Grand Prix

The Grand Prix schedule for the IndyCar series has just been announced. Verizon is this year’s host and it will be held at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. This road racing course for the IndyCar Grand Prix will take place for two days. From the 12 to the 13th of May, fans of the IndyCar Grand Prix are expected a very action-packed two-day weekend, as the Grand Prix has got many huge car sponsors that will be part of the event.

The Street Circuit for the IndyCar series of races is going to be held in several different locations from March 12 to April 9. The IndyCar street circuit is going to be held in St. Petersburg and Long Beach. Other IndyCar races to look forward to including the Road Course, and the Oval Circuit as well.

All in all, there is going to be a total of 17 races that will be held by IndyCar this 2017. So fans will be eagerly waiting to catch up on all of these 17 new races that will be held by IndyCar. Most of the races will be held over a weekend, so you should find no trouble at all, making the time to watch or attend one of these IndyCar races. And in addition to that, there are also a few modifications to the rules of these IndyCar races as well. Modifications to the rules o these races include such as things as using alternate tires and even the overtake assist times as well. There have also been some minor changes to the practice times for the various tracks. IndyCar drivers will be able to practice driving on the track on the day before the race is scheduled to happen. And they will have a standardized time of 45 minutes to practice as well.

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