ASA late model series challenge announced

GM Performance Car Parts is going to hold the American Speed Association’s Late Model Series of racing challenges in Michigan this year. Specifically to be held at Lexington City, Michigan. This is the first time since several years the ASA Late Model Series challenge is going to return to the state of Michigan. Michigan is the state wherein the Late Model series was conceived. So many fans and viewers of the Late Model Series car challenges are happy to see the challenge series return to the state.

The Rookie of the Year in the previous ASA Late Model Series Challenge is also going to return this year. Sean Murphy is going to be racing again in this series of challenges. So a lot of fans, who loved his performance of last year, are excited to see his return to this year’s ASA Challenge series competitions. In fact, there are a lot of racing analysts that say that he could be the person that will dominate the series challenge. However, a lot of this is up in the air since he faces a lot of stiff competition from the other drivers in the ASA Late Model series competition as well.

Another strong contender for the ASA Model Series of Challenges is going to be a father and son tandem. Brian and Fred Campbell, have also had a strong showing of last year’s races. And many are also expecting them to have a strong showing in this year’s ASA Late Model Series Challenge as well. Respectively, each one of these drivers has had a very good year of wins. The Campbells have won a lot of racing titles over the years. And they have been each featured in the Motorsports hall of fame in Michigan. The team has also won other late model series of races, such as the Berlin Motorway Late Model Series of Challenges as well. A lot of people are expected, rooting for this racing tandem to win this yea’s ASA series of challenges.

The ASA Late Model series is a very exciting fifty lap event that is going to feature many different drivers who have come from all over the country. However, despite all of the huge amounts of new drivers that are expected to be at the Late Model Series Challenge, the native Michiganders are going to fiercely defend their title. There is going to be a lot of competition for this year’s ASA Late Model Series Challenge because it is now going to be held back in Michigan. So to defend the honor of their home state, and the home state of the ASA Challenge, many Michigan drivers want to grab the title for themselves.

Updates on the ASA

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